Personal Protection Orders

Personal Protection Orders

Where To Go

Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s) can be obtained for no cost by anyone residing in Wayne Country at the Wayne Country Circuit court, located in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center known as CAYMC (formerly the City-Country Building) located at the corner of Woodward and Jefferson in downtown Detroit.

Assistance Is Available

A special office for PPO’s is provided by the County Clerk on the 9th floor. In that office, advocates can help you to fill out the paperwork. From the 9th floor you will be directed to the 18th floor courtroom where a judge will review your request and will either grant your request on the spot, set a hearing or if the information provided does not qualify for a PPO, deny your request.

Things You Will Need

The name, address and description of the Respondent (the person who will be restrained by the PPO). It will help the State Police and your local law enforcement agencies if you have a date of birth, driver license number or social security number for the respondent.

Things That Are Helpful

Police reports, photographs of injuries, statements of people familiar with the events that caused you to seek the PPO. Make sure to bring 5 copies of each report, letter etc.

What To do With The Order

Once you obtain and order, you must have it served on the Respondent. The Wayne County Sheriff has an office on the 17th floor of CAYMC where you can take your PPO to be served. There is a cost for the Sheriffs to serve the PPO and they do not accept checks.

What If The Order Is “BOGUS”

You can request that the order be set aside and many of the same services for obtaining a PPO are available to you. Start on the 9th Floor of CAYMC and the advocates will provide you with the appropriate forms and direct to the courtroom for filling. A hearing will be set up at which time you will have an opportunity to explain to the court why the order should be terminate or modified. Documentation, photos, reports and statements from witnesses are also useful.

PPO Violations

If the respondent violates the order by showing up at the house etc. IMMEDIATELY call the police and make a report. If the respondent is observed by the police to be in violation of a PPO, they will arrest the respondent on the spot. The prosecutor’s office will charge the respondent and represent you in court.

Parking & security

Park in the underground lot at the corner of East Jefferson & Woodward, it is the closest and cheapest. Do not bring weapons (including pocket knives) with you. Security is tight – just like at the airport.